The BI Platform

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The BI Platform 

A comprehensive BI solution will typically consist of many underlying technologies to support different disciplines within the sphere of Analytics and Reporting. You might need to create reports using company layout guidelines and suited for printout. You might need to collect data from multiple sources and create a common data model to fit certain business requirements. It could be data driven reports that monitor specific KPIs and alert relevant personnel when something critical occurs. 

No matter the business process that needs to be supported with data, we offer guidance in selection of the technology or service that is best suited to the task. In connection with advice on the choice of tools and software, we will assist with sizing of the servers, either on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid solution.

Integration between systems

Does your company have many different systems running in silos, some of which being based on standard solutions with varying degrees of customization, and others maybe more bespoke in character?

That’s almost a rhetorical question, as a ‘Yes’ would put you in the overwhelming majority, and to be clear, having multiple systems – each individually best suited to the tasks they perform – is a common and completely acceptable scenario. You may even already have some integrations in place to try and break down the walls of those silos.

But – are you utilizing all the information gathered in those separate systems to its’ full potential? Is the information being consolidated and synergized in a central Datawarehouse, where your business can reap the full benefits of having all your valuable data – regardless of source – available in the same location? You may find that the effect, and value to your business, of that combined data is exponentially greater than the value when compartmentalized in their separate, respective systems.

We are experienced in getting data from all types of data sources. Loading data from different APIs via a Web-service, loading data from different database types like MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or even old AS400. We have experience bringing many different systems together, ensuring your data is cleansed and validated, and presented as consistent, trustable, and actionable information in a combined data model.

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