DW Framework

A modular solution to designing and building a Datawarehouse and update process for your data

Shared approach to unique needs

When you’re faced with choosing one of the multitude of packaged offerings that claim to give you all that you need in a standard out-of-the-box Analytics solution, you will almost certainly find that the standard content is far from your actual requirements, and on top of the price you’ve paid to purchase or subscribe to the solution, you’ll be facing the rampant costs of customization. You may even be forced to hit reset if you choose to change partners.

At Comitto Group we recognize your individuality. No two companies – even within the same sector – are or should be alike. Uniqueness is key to distinguishing oneself from the rest of the pack. And with absolute certainty we can say that this also applies to your approach to measurement, monitoring and analysis of your performance.  Our Framework focusses more on addressing the common challenges that every business faces – like availability of actionable and trustworthy data with a minimum of latency – and avoids the pitfalls of filling the model with unmanageable volumes of generic content and metrics.

Value is measurable 

In much the same way we recognize your individuality, that same uniqueness applies for us too – something to distinguish us from the rest of the pack. Our primary focus is ensuring that our time, and your Analytics resources and budgets, are wholly dedicated to building and generating content that supports all your business decisions, operational or strategic. That is why our Framework is offered completely free of charge to use, with no startup charges – over and above installation time – and no subscription fees to keep you up to date.

In fact, whenever we have updates and improvements, they are made available equally free of charge. Instead we choose to make our living from our intellectual value to your business – our assistance in design and development of architecture and content, making your path to a realisable ROI as short as possible – and with our reputation on the line, we are confident in our ability to deliver on all your expectations, including support and solutions that can stand the test of time.

We grow,  we evolve

With your unique business in mind, we have designed our Framework to be just that – a framework – the backbone that serves as the architecture and engine, supporting exactly the content you need, wherever you need it, and whenever you need it. Sure, our toolbox contains a rich set of templates and “standard scripts” that can get the basic datasets that anyone in the same sector would expect, but these serve only one purpose -as do all the components and modules in the Framework – which is to consolidate 1000’s of development hours into a set of tools that will minimize implementation time and costs, so we can focus on what is important to your business – your unique metrics.

With the scalable approach to design, our Framework will comfortably expand along with your business, whether it’s new content to cover your evolving strategy and focus points, or the sheer volume of data that’s grown from meager millions to daunting billions of rows. 

Flexible update methods and schedules

The CG Framework gives full flexibility when deciding which data to load, and when to load it. With support for multiple load methods each dataset can be optimized for the best fit, whether this means a full refresh of information, incrementally loaded changes to the data, or anywhere in between. Furthermore, any number of update schedules can be created for individual datasets, so your sales team can have lunchtime and end-of-day updates, while the finance department insist on refreshed data every 15 minutes.

For the tech-heads among you, this means our Framework supports CDC and Change Tracking on your source data, Delta loads and Partition Switching on your Datawarehouse (with or without sliding windows), and extends of course to the Cubes and Tabular Models, where table and measuregroup partitions can be dropped and created on the fly, and Dimensions and Cubes are incrementally processed only when source data has changed.

Data is nothing without trust 

Unless you plan to funnel all your transactions through one of the tools developed for managing Master Data (and can live with the overhead and latency) then some form of data validation needs to be built into your Datawarehouse load process. Our Framework naturally supports cleansing of data to ensure “referential integrity”, while also enabling notification of relevant Data Stewards if any information they are responsible for, is showing inconsistencies.

This can also easily be extended to notifications based on business rules – for example margins on specific orders that are unnaturally high or low, indicating a possible error. It could be newly created items that, based on certain characteristics, appear to be created in an incorrect product group. Trust is everything for Users who rely on valid data to base their decisions on.

And what does it cost?

Did we mention it’s free?
Well actually we did, if you missed it, go back and start reading the page again.

The more important question is probably:What can it end up costing, if you have a less than optimal solution based on questionable advice?

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