Cubes and Tabular Models

Which version of Analysis Services is the best and which one should we keep investing in? (Tabular or Multi dimensional)

When to use Multi-dimensional Cubes or tabular models

The short answer: It really depends on a lot of things. Mostly we end up using both because there is still some disciplines that Cubes do a lot better that Tabular and the other way around. Another parameter to consider is the hardware available. The hardware requirements needed to satisfy performance and not the least,  the investment of establishing and maintaining the BI solution. 

In real life we also see examples on features where Multi-Dimensional cubes wins over tabular models. You can however not ignore that Microsoft invest millions of dollars in the tabular technology, and the gap is closing in on the Multi-dimensional cubes. 


Advanced modelling to support business requirements

No matter if you are going to Cubes or tabular models, or even hybrids where both technologies are in play, you still need to design the data model for with an eye on query  and processing performance. Especially in these days where companies need to analyze and interpret data on extremely large data sets. Comitto Group has the knowledge and our framework to insure that you’re able to process and get the required performance on any business requirements we may meet.

Do you have a business case where you had to give up because the night was to short to process the data and when finally data was processed, the query times were not usable for the business, since query performance was poor or couldn’t even complete?

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