BI Rescue

Get help when you need it 24/7. Ensuring availability for
your business-critical BI solution

Acute assistance

When failures affect business critical applications, downtime is no longer just an inconvenience, and getting the right help – without delay – is of paramount importance.  As your BI solution grows from a simple reporting tool to an integrated part of your daily operations and decision making processes, the effect of inaccessible data will be just as quantifiable as, for example, a power outage on a packaging line.  

Whether it’s sudden inaccessibility or incorrect data. Whether it’s delaying  daily follow-up, or preventing critical activities like period closing. Whether we are your first contact, or you need a fresh opinion, Comitto Group consultants have decades of experience in problem solving.

24/7 Monitoring

If you need to have our expertise available to you 24/7, we offer support solutions with any combination of automated and active monitoring and hotline assistance, tailored to your exact needs. Call for more information.

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